Fox Run is the 2013 Rainbow Awards winner for Best Lesbian Paranormal Romance!

What Others Are Saying

Terry Baker

Terry Baker is a well-respected reviewer of lesbian fiction. She has reviewed many of my books. Links to her reviews are:

  • Fox Run. Terry said, "It was a great pleasure..."
  • Fox Play. Terry wrote, "very hard to put down."
  • Fox Mate. Terry points out this is a difficult book to read but essential to the series and closes with, "can't wait for the next in the series."
  • Fox Afield. Terry called my books, "refreshingly different" and "completely captured me".
  • Fox Revenge. "Another wonderful page turning eppisode in a brilliantly thought-out series".
  • Fitting In. "Robin Roseau has written an excellent, tumultuous story..."
  • Familiar. "As with all of Robin's books, no matter how long they are, I want more. This book has joined the rest of Robin's books in my re-read folder."

Terry, thank you so much for your reviews and for everything you do.

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