We're on a New Server

This isn't big news, but I thought I'd let you know -- we're now hosted on an updated server. You shouldn't notice any differences, although I'm working hard on building a better system overall. Several better systems, really.

I haven't published recently, but I have been writing. I didn't realize it had been this long. Ressaline Crown went out in December. I have a couple of books with the betas, and an untold number in progress.

To all my loyal readers, I remain so thankful.

Jaguar Choice

I hit publish... Click the link to be taken straight to the new book.

(Please don't hate me. It's Annabelle's fault. Truly. Or maybe Carissa's.)

And in case you missed it, this went out a while ago. As of this entry, the book has an average rating on Amazon of 4.6 stars.

Recently Published

Just Hit Publish

I just hit Publish on another book, but I haven't updated recently, so it's time. Let's do this is chronological order.

October 16

These all went live October 16.

October 24

Selected Halloween went live October 24

December 7

Selected Competition will be live December 7 or 8.

What Is Coming Up

I have a bunch of completed first drafts. The beta readers haven't seen any of these yet. I'm just going to mention them briefly and then get back to editing.

  • Jaguar Choice takes up where Jaguar left off.
  • Starry-Eyed Adventurer is about a young girl who experiences something no young girl should experience.
  • Ressaline Crown is the last intended book in the Flarvorian Royals story arc from the Ressaline universe.
  • In hiding -- a working title. This is in response to a style of books that have been showing up in my Amazon feed lately, a style that has left me unsettled. This is my response, which pretty much turns the tropes in question on their ear while otherwise being a fairly typical Robin Roseau novella. Yes, Novella. I haven't written many of those lately.

If you're wondering why books haven't been making it out to Amazon very regularly, it's because editing is a pain, and when the muse is sending books at me, I don't ignore her. That's four completed books waiting for edits and then beta readers.

In Progress

I have a lot in progress. Bree's next book. Michaela's next book. Nori's book. A sequel to the Club Underhill book, although this one is really just a bunch of erotic encounters loosely tied together with a black bow. Hey, we all need something fun to read before bed, yes? I have a fun little Selected book I started in November. And I have a sort of sequel to Tri-Vega. Oh, speaking of Tri-Vega, I still need to rewrite the ending, as the beta readers hated it.

I have something with a working title of The Teacher that's about 30% complete. I have the next Seer novel started, as well as A Darker Brew. There's progress on the next Privateer. And I have something new called Through the Portal that has some good work in it.

Yallamenara's final book will get some attention eventually.

And Cupid is going to finish her first novel someday, too.

August 1 Update

Web Site Supports https

Well, finally, after all these years, the web site now supports https:. It was a little rocky, with robinroseau.com working but robin-roseau.com not working. Both should now work. Hurray!

I apologize to those who discovered an inoperable web site.

At the Betas

Two more Selected books are now at the beta readers and should be out soon. The readers are getting back to me faster than I'm applying their suggestions and sending them on to the next reader. That's because I've been busy writing.

Almost Ready

I wrote a vampire sorority book, called Rush. The betas universally hated the ending. I need to rewrite about 2 chapters. Once I do, it will be out the door. Expect it this fall.

In Edits

I have two similar books in edits, not quite ready for the beta readers yet. Both involve elves being naughty. Expect them late this fall.


A little teaser. First draft complete (finally).

Audio Books

I have questions for anyone who listens to audio books or who would be interested in my books in audio format. If you would like me to make arrangements for this to happen, drop me an email via robin.roseau@gmail.com

  • Do you currently listen to audio books
  • How many in a month?
  • Which providers do you use?
  • Do you have a subscription for audio books, or do you buy them one at a time?
  • If you pay for individual books, what price range do you feel is fair?
  • My books are long. Is there such a thing as too long when it comes to audio books?

Note that there's some indication that Audible isn't that good for writers. They don't pay well. If I pay someone to produce my books for me, it will cost perhaps $250 per finished hour, and my books would be at least 10 hours, perhaps as many as 25 for some of the longer books. I'd have to sell a lot of books to justify those kinds of costs, and if Audible is squeezing authors, I'm not sure I care to use them. But their are other solutions, including building my own delivery channel or using something like Shopify.

If you would like to hear my books in audio format, drop me a note and help me make some decisions. Thanks. Robin.

Happy May Day!

Happy May first. I've been busy, writing, writing, writing. Spring seems to have finally arrived, with summer not too much further away. It's nice to see more daylight.

I thought I'd share the current queue. Here goes.

In Beta

These are books that the beta readers are reviewing. They should be out soon.

Luna Rising

This is the sequel to Mage Unmasked. It's all fun and games until Mia is turned into a frog.

Tri-Vega: Rush

The first in the possibly very short Tri-Vega Series is Rush>. Rachel is college first year. Her roommate convinces her to Rush for the Tri-Vega Sorority, in spite of having zero interest in anything that is pro-vampire. This is another academy-style book, except with vampires.

Completed or Nearly Completed

Selected: Luxan

Okay, so. I wrote a book from the perspective of one of the aliens. This novel is 140,000 words and is at the beginning of the edit phase. Unless I get distracted by another first draft, it should enter the beta process sometime in the next few weeks.

I posted a snippet here: Luxan Snippet

A Way Home

This was supposed to be a sexy little short story. Then a novella. Sigh. And the title is going to change. This is a sort-of-kind-of sequel to Tri-Vega: Rush, in that some of the characters from that book appear in this one. Yes, that means it's another vampire novel.

The first draft is about 2/3rds complete, maybe a bit more. I have one intermediate chapter, several "oh this is fun" chapters to write, and then the conclusion. I'll be working on that while I'm in a writing mood, and editing Luxan at other times.

Ressaline: Crown

I'm not sure on this one. 148,000 words are completed. I could probably about wrap it up if I just go back and do it. So it'll be out sometime this summer. I just have, at most, another 2000 words. I think, and then edits.

This is the last Ressaline book I have planned. I won't say there won't be more. They're fun to write. But it completes the overall story arc I've been following for a while. If you like this series and would like to see more down the road, let me know. But I suspect just about everyone and her sister would rather I spent time with Michaela.

Selected: Competition

Remember Serena La Merchant? Yvette mentions here once or twice. Enough said...

The first draft is nearly complete. I got distracted. It'll be out this summer.

In Various Stages

The Fox

Of everything I've written, I think my heart would break if I ever came to the conclusion where will be no more Fox books. I enjoy many of my characters, but Michaela and her friends are hands down, my favorites.

Yes, yes, resoundingly Yes! there will be more Fox books.

So what's the holdup? Elisabeth. And Anna. They just refuse to cooperate. I really need to figure out if Elisabeth returns from New Orleans alone. The problem is, Anna is perfectly happy with her life down there. She's got her tourists and, it turns out, a voodoo queen, a vampire, and even the mayor of New Orleans.

If I can just punch through, I could finish the first draft inside a week or two. After that, I already have about a third of Michaela's next novel, in which she has some interesting adventures, this time with permission of her alpha and the support of the head enforcer. And after that, I need one more Omega book. Bree deserves a little more of our time, don't you think?

Other things

I have perhaps 10 or 20-thousand words written in Privateer 3. I have an interesting, contemporary lesbian romance with a working title of The Teacher that I'm happy with. And then my two favorites.

Amazon Trainer. Nori's story, beginning as a young girl. There are at least three scenes so far where I cried my eyes out while writing, and she's not even an Amazon warrior yet. I don't know how long it will be when I'm done.

Cupid I've mentioned this before. I absolutely love what I've written so far. Imagine if the Greeks got it wrong. Eros (Cupid) isn't a young boy. She's a woman, and she's now living in Key West, running a Bed and Breakfast.

This book is inspired by the Cupid television series from far too long ago, starring Jeremy Piven. I loved that series. The other inspiration is the Aphrodite character from Hercules and Xena, who I always found funny -- and sweet and sexy. Plus add inspiration from any other fantasy novel involving the Greek gods. Oh, and make it a little bit of Love Boat as well, as I intend a series of shorter novels, each featuring one or two guests of the inn. The overall arc will be Cupid's story, each book a standalone romance.

I also had an idea for a book I'm calling The Reluctant Sidekick.

In all, I have something like 100 Word documents in various stages. These are the top ones.

I don't know when any of these might receive the attention they deserve.

A Bunch of Updates

Well, I haven't been updating my web page for a while. Or responding to email. Those who know me well knows that means I've been writing. A lot. So I have a few updates. First, some books I haven't mentioned before. The first one is brand new. The others have been available for a while. Down below will be an update on what I'm currently working on.

Mage Unmasked is the first in a two-volume story of Mia Pixie Cooke. When the story begins, Mia is 15 and having a very, very bad night.

There is two styles of books I want to mention. One are referred to as Academy books, in which a young woman attends some sort of boarding school or college, occassinally against her will, frequently because she just discovered the world of magical creatures.

The other style is referred to as Reverse Harem, Why Choose novels in which the female protagonist has a supply of boyfriends. Academy stories are frequently also RH books.

Mage Unmasked is what happens when I decide to write an Academy series. Don't worry; there are no boyfriends allowed at Greenwood Academy for Girls.

Cover art is by Santiago Hertzan. You can find more of his work at https://www.artstation.com/santiagohertzan.

I published this last summer. Valsine tells her story. This novel spans years.

I'm particularly proud of Indentured. I think it's a fabulous story. This is a fantasy novel in which our heroine discovers she has magic, and the local townspeople don't know what to do with her.